Empower the Women in Your Life With a Personalized Blessing by Barbara D. MacAdam

by Barbara D. MacAdam September 07, 2017

When you think of women who impacted your life the most, who do you think of? Whether she’s our mother, our sister, or our best friend, we all have at least one special woman in our life who empowered us to be who we are today. As women, it’s important to stick together, remind each other how beautiful we are, motivate one another, and encourage each other every day.

You might think that it’s hard to find the words to tell your favorite lady how much you care about her. If you’re not the emotional type or you just can’t possibly describe how highly you value your best friend, sister, or sister-in-law, a blessing gift from Purple Wishing Gate can find the words for you.

At Purple Wishing Gate, we have the perfect blessings to empower women and show them how truly beautiful they are. Two of our blessings, “How Beautiful You Are!” and “Woman of Strength,” are specifically designed for that purpose. You can find these unique gifts here.

Our blessings are short poems, written by our founder Barbara D. MacAdam, that are meant to comfort and empower the special people in our lives. We have blessings specially written for the strong women we love so that we can give them a gift they’ll never forget.

If your sister, whether she’s by blood or by heart, is embarking on a transformative journey, going through a difficult time, or having a celebration, there’s no better way to encourage her than with a personalized blessing. Our women-empowering blessings are perfect for several occasions:


One of your favorite ladies is celebrating another year! Instead of a generic birthday card, give her a personalized blessing that will keep her motivated for many more birthdays to come.


If you’ve known your best friend since you were little - or if you’ve known your sister since you were born - watching her graduate is a huge deal. She’s made it so far, and she’s getting ready to launch into the real world. What better way to tell her she’s powerful and strong than with a personalized blessing? She’ll see how much you care and will have the encouragement to enter her new career with a bang.

Tough Times

If your go-to girl is going through a difficult time, it’s important to keep her spirits up and make her aware of how beautiful and special she is. With this reminder, she could be feeling better before you know it.

Every Day

Women deserve to know how strong and amazing they are every single day. With a little reminder such as a personalized blessing, imagine how much you can improve your favorite woman’s day. When you buy an affordable personalized keepsake for your sister or best friend, you’re reminding her of her worth and encouraging her to be her best self.

Purple Wishing Gate is the ideal destination for keepsakes. Whether you want to wish your friend a happy birthday or congratulate a family member with a framed wedding blessing gift, we have the personalized blessings to improve someone’s day and show them how much you care. Explore our Collections page to learn more.

Barbara D. MacAdam
Barbara D. MacAdam


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