“Let the Love Bug Bite” by PWG Author Barbara D. MacAdam

by Barbara D. MacAdam February 04, 2019

How quickly we moved from the Holiday Spirit to Valentine’s Day!  I guess it’s a good thing that in our culture, we let LOVE be the thing that continues to propel us forward after a season of giving.  Love is the common thread that’s woven throughout each life in the most extraordinary ways. At PurpleWishingGate.com, I’m dedicated to sharing that love through my words of inspiration and encouragement to those in all walks of life. Here are just a few…

AWESOME WEDDING IDEA! – How many times have you been invited to a wedding and want to be able to give something special? To have the couple cherish YOUR gift above the rest?  That’s what I had in mind when I wrote my Wedding Blessing!  It was one of two blessings I started my company with back in 2004, and it has since become a part of many ceremonies, often recited by the bride and groom as part of their vows! My unique Wedding Blessing Gift becomes the conversation piece that everyone talks about throughout the wedding.  Some couples display it on their head table, or alongside the cake or wedding card table. Its beautiful words, displayed in a choice of background art, framed in their choice of stunning frames, make it the perfect “touch of class” every bride and groom loves to share on their special day.

PRECIOUS BABY GIFT – Celebrating the miracle of birth is a highly personal time and deserves something more than baby clothes or car seats.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re important – but giving a Baby Blessing is the perfect keepsake that Mom and baby can cherish for years.  Whether it’s for a daughter, son, grandchild, niece, nephew, boy or girl, each captures the pride and joy a parent, grandparent or family member feels about their new arrival. These unique, and often framed gifts remain a cherished part of the child’s life for years to come.  I’ll always remember the special call I received from one of my first customers, who bought my Baby Blessings for her newborn twins.  On the phone, she explained that three years had passed since she bought them for her son and daughter, and she wanted me to know that what started out with her reading them as a bedtime “prayer” for her babies, was now a part of their nightly bedtime routine… and the twins insisted that she read “their blessings” to them before bedtime!  I was both deeply humbled and grateful that I could be a part of this act of love, I would otherwise not have known about, so far away, yet still so “connected.”

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! - What better way to celebrate and remember the most romantic day of a couple’s life, than to capture it in a beautiful love poem that reminds us how precious marriage is! Whether it’s a First Anniversary or a 25th Silver Anniversary, or a 50th Golden Anniversary, the message is the same. “Treat each other’s dreams and plans with mutual respect, and you’ll end up with a tapestry of blessings… all treasures to be kept.” (excerpt from An Anniversary Blessing) And trusting God to get you through the rough times, makes the going even smoother when needed.  A unique framed Anniversary Blessing makes celebrating this milestone even more special, whether you are giving it to your beloved, or giving it to a lucky couple, they’ll know it’s from your heart, and it’ll remind them that “if they’re patient, kind and generous with their feelings every day, they’ll find their lifelong partner is their soul mate here to stay!” (excerpt from an Anniversary Blessing)

PET BLESSINGS - Yes, for those who have pets, it’s safe to say that they’re more than just pets. People are passionate about their pets, and for some, these "Faithful Companions" are the only “family” they have.  Our pets give us unconditional love and affection and deserve the same from us.  Pets bring joy and companionship to a home.  They often bring comfort and a calm to an otherwise crazy world.  Sometimes, the very act of caring for a pet can bring someone out of depression and back into the land of the “living” after experiencing a trauma.  My Faithful Companion Pet Blessing puts these feelings into words and celebrates the loyalty, passion and love the owner and pet share. Framing and personalizing it with your pet’s name, makes it even more special to display.


So, I’m dedicating February as the month to celebrate LOVE.  Remember that living a life afraid to love for fear of getting hurt only results in a lifetime of emptiness. I really do believe that loving and losing that love, while painful, is far better than never to have loved or been loved at all.  Don’t be afraid… let the Love Bug Bite!

Barbara D. MacAdam
Barbara D. MacAdam


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