How Beautiful You Are

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    • MATERIALS: Tibetan Silver, Genuine Crystal
    • PENDANT SIZE: Approx 1.7 cm x 3 cm

    • 2 x 3 inch Laminated Pocket Blessing in protective poly bag
    • Pendant Charm and Genuine Crystal
    • Blank "Just for you!" gift tag to write a personal note
    • "Bonnie Card" - tells the inspirational story behind "The Purple Wishing Gate"
    • Lavender Organza Gift Bag
Pocket Blessing for self-esteem w/Pendant Charm!

"How Beautiful You Are!"  is an uplifting poem that expresses how difficult self-esteem can be with the world's expectations bombarding us at every turn.  However, knowing that we are loved unconditionally by God, goes a long way in boosting our self-image and realizing just how beautiful we really are!

She can keep this wallet-size gift close to her heart in a pocket, wallet or purse, or use it as a bookmark. It includes a Tibetan Silver Charm with a genuine Crystal, in your choice of feminine style Crosses or Hearts, which can be worn on a pendant or bracelet, or placed on an ID lanyard or key chain. It's the perfect little gift idea for any woman who needs a reminder of how beautiful she is!

© Copyright 2006 Barbara D. MacAdam

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