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  • "Thank you so much for the prompt shipment.  The two Retirement Blessings and frames are beautiful, and your words are perfectly suited for these two fine gentlemen and Christians. I appreciate your great customer service and look forward to ordering from you again!"

    - Vicky C.

  • "The Retirement Blessing arrived yesterday!  It is lovely, and the words are exactly what I wanted to share with my brother-in-law. I will certainly be using your website for future gifts!"

    - Marlene S.

  • "Thank you for writing this lovely prayer!  Have a beautiful day."

    - Joy K.

  • "Love the picture!!  Truly special how you are choosing to honor your daughter's memory, she sounds like one special girl.  Sorry for your great loss.  Thank you."

    - Judy T.

  • Thank you for sending it so quickly!  Thank you for the pocket blessing!  It is very special!  yes, I will order from you again.  Your work is beautiful!

    -Diana H.

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Buy Affordable Personalized Blessing Gift for Sale

There are many milestones in our lives that we must cherish, and some that must be overcome. These moments are those that have great meaning and value to us along our Path. Day in and day out, we carry our memories and our faith so that we can bring light and serenity into the lives of others as well.

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When it comes to friends, family and other special people in your life, it is important to show that not only are you there for them in their time of need or their time of joy, but God is as well. At Purple Wishing Gate, you can buy affordable, personalized blessing gifts for sale:

  • Inspirational Poems
  • Framed Blessings
  • Pocket Blessings with Charms

These keepsakes are gifts kept close to the heart, capable of igniting the soul and sparking the spirit. Our intention is to cheer the weary, encourage the anxious, protect the joyous and propel the wise. Blessings should be words that move you, your friends, your family or neighbors so that they may find their own way through a hard time or enjoy a wonderful, life-changing moment in their lives. If you’re looking for original religious gift ideas, then look no further.

Blessings are Gifts for All Occasions

Purple Wishing Gate is here to gift you with just the right blessing for the right occasion. Here, you can easily buy affordable, personalized blessing gifts for sale to offer to your loved ones:


Thank your parents with a grateful blessing, or congratulate new parents with a baby blessing keepsake. We have a variety of different prayers that will give parents a blessing for themselves or their children. Even faithful companions or pet parents can find encouragement in an inspirational blessing!


Not everyone knows what holiday gift to give their special someone to show how much they mean to them. From your best friend’s birthday to showing how thankful you are for someone on Thanksgiving, we have all the blessings you need to shed some light this year.


Giving a blessing as a gift is a thoughtful and caring act that touches someone’s heart. Our blessings can show your love, and recognition for efforts, as well as your gratitude for a caretaker or teacher, or a current or former member of our military. Give your sibling a sister blessing gift to stir feelings of loyalty and camaraderie. There are so many uses for a blessing, but always the same result: A smile and a stronger bond between you and the blessing’s recipient.


We have all heard the phrase "life goes on," but there are certain moments in life that stand to be recognized: Once-in-a-lifetime events that change you forever. Our blessings ease that jittery feeling that accompanies such a transition, and encourages the recipient to take a deep breath and cherish the moment.

A framed retirement blessing gift can be a sweet keepsake to show the wise that they finally deserve a long-earned break. Or, giving a newlywed couple a framed wedding blessing gift can give them well wishes on their new journey together. Neighbors, friends, siblings, cousins or other family who are suddenly growing up and graduating middle school, high school or even college will also find comfort and inspiration in an encouraging graduation blessing gift. Even if they’re not quite there yet, they would certainly appreciate kind words of encouragement.

  • Wedding/Bridal
  • Graduation
  • Retirement


In a heart-wrenching time, when there are no words to say to someone who has lost a loved one, the words of a blessing can comfort. By offering a token of sympathy, it can be the difference between tears and a smile. Our memorial blessing gifts for sale will be the support to help someone dear to you and remind them that they are never alone.

If you’re seeking original religious gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. At Purple Wishing Gate, we encourage you to buy affordable, personalized blessing gifts for sale to make a difference in the lives around you. These simple gifts are but words on parchment, but when read, can be more powerful than imagined.

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