About Barbara D. Macadam and Her Story Behind The Purple Wishing Gate

In 2004, I Barbara D. MacAdam, set up Divine Designs Studios, LLC as a venue for my inspirational blessings & paintings, after I lost my 12 year old daughter, Bonnie Rose, to cancer. Bonnie's grace, strength, peace, joy for life & her ageless wisdom were "gifts" from God (she insisted), for trusting that He had the best plan for her... whatever the outcome. My goal is to help others "turn to God for what they need" while they're going through their trials, rather than simply "wish" that their circumstances would change. While this is not a non-profit organization, I donate 10% of all sales to cancer charities. In March of this year, I ran a successful promotion to get an additional 1,000 LIKES on Facebook, I matched each like with a dollar and donated $1,000 to the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Delaware. This Christmas we reached our goal of 4,000 Facebook page likes and donated $25 Visa gift cards to each child on the oncology ward at the A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Delaware. I put my heart into each blessing, and I'm dedicated to bringing God's peace, love & guidance into every life that I touch through my website, which I also use to assist many organizations with their own fundraising efforts.

Starting with "A Baby's Blessing," my inspirational "Purple Wishing Gate" painting & a few hand-decorated frames, I effectively began what is now an internationally-known line of more than 80 Blessings called "The Purple Wishing Gate!... where wishes made are turned to prayer, so God can keep them in His care." These include 5x7 ready-to-frame cards, personalized 8x10 matted blessings with "nameplates," and my 2x3-inch laminated "Pocket Blessings w/Charms!," all with a variety of my original background art.  In addition, I offer many frame choices, and my "limited edition" Christmas Angel Ornament.

I create my work in my home-studio & have my blessings professionally printed on the highest quality stock. I hand-decorate my frames & the Angel Ornaments, give inspirational public speaking engagements, enjoyed a 25-year professional singing career, and retired in 2016 from directing a 50-member choir at my local church! I currently sing with "The Classics", a band that performs for special events and brings some joy to nursing home residents throughout Delaware.  After years of using my writing & art skills in the publishing industry, I now use my creative gifts to help & inspire others. I work with my son, Bill who manages our website, and my best friend Rachel.  And I reside in Delaware with my husband Scott of 36 years.