Military Blessings for Sale

Where do we begin to understand, let alone appreciate the kind of passion and sacrifice the brave men and women of our military embrace every day...

"For God and country! This I know, is such a daunting task, to be called to duty from deep within, never needing to be asked."

This quote from our Military blessings says it all... it's not just a job, it's a calling. God speaks of there being no greater love than to lay one's life down for another. And yet, despite this real threat, they willingly put themselves in harm's way - for us. All the branches of our Military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard show extraordinary discipline and bravery every time they step out to protect our freedoms. But do they know we care?

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VETERANS... Imagine spending most of your adult life putting yourself at risk by sacrificing your time, energy, family life and ultimately your safety, for millions of people you'll never even know. Imagine further, that after this life of military service to the country you love and defended, you return home to find that those very people you sacrificed for, never even knew what you did. Or worse yet, they don't seem to care or appreciate you for it!

This is often the case for our great veterans who return home. God-willing, they come home whole... but often they leave an intimate part of themselves back on the battlefield, yet always bring home with them the memories of a life spent in service to others.

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact. One way to show our great veterans that you care is through the words of our Military Blessings for sale. The 2x3” laminated Pocket Blessing cards come with a Tibetan silver cross and can be tucked away into a wallet, purse, pocket or used as a bookmark. Or give them a 5x7 Veterans Blessing card on Veteran's Day. Lastly, but not least, a Military Retirement can be celebrated with an 8x10 matted, personalized and framed version. In all three, the powerful words packed into this blessing, say it all…

“For no one underestimates the debt that you have paid, and I for one, will NOT forget each sacrifice you made!

Truth be known, they didn’t do this for the praise or notoriety, but the human spirit is most definitely stirred through these kind and powerful words, “Thank you for your service!”

Service Members Away from Home

You joined the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES or COAST GUARD – you’re ready for anything – and then the reality hits when you find yourself far away from anything that resembles safety, security and home. What better way to send our great men and women in service our support than in a little laminated Military Pocket Blessing that they can carry with them into harm's way. Or perhaps you can include the Military Blessing in a 5x7 card packed into a supply box. Not to be outdone by surprising them with an 8x10 personalized and framed version waiting for them when they return.

Even in the darkest hours, this little blessing reminds them that they’re NOT alone or forgotten...

"We're overwhelmed and humbled by your bravery each day, as the images from all around prompt more of us to pray. Just know that as you sleep, there grows an army by your side. These "Mighty Angels" have your back and to safety they will guide."

Be a blessing – give a Military Blessing today!

Available in 5x7 "frame-able" cards, 8x10 matted, personalized and framed or 2x3" laminated 'Pocket Blessings with Tibetan Silver Charms!'