Blessings for Grandchildren

Available in 5x7 "frame-able" cards and 8x10 matted, personalized and framed.

They say that being a grandparent is having the best of both worlds... being able to spoil your grandchildren whenever you wish and then being able to hand them back to their parents! Truth be known, we treasure our grandchildren like nothing else in our world.

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It's often the chance we get to re-do things with our grandchildren that we may have wished we'd done better with our own children in our younger days. The added blessing of watching your children follow in your footsteps is a bonus - whether you agree with their choices or not - it's truly a privilege that you should never take for granted!



There's something enchanting about reliving holidays through the eyes of your grandchildren... and the older we get, the easier it is to forget those magical times. There's also something very special about your grandchildren knowing they have a warm and comforting place to go on special occasions. A place where they feel extra special in your eyes.  A place to create those magical memories that they'll carry with them for life!



There's nothing more important to a person of any age than to know that they're loved.  Our beautiful Grandchildren's Blessings are a lovely way to say just that.  "A Blessing for my Granddaughter" and " A Blessing for my Grandson" speak of the great love and respect you have for them as individuals and lets them know how special they are in your eyes...

GRANDDAUGHTER  "I'm grateful God has blessed me with a Granddaughter like you. You're beautiful, inside and out, and I'm so proud of you!"

GRANDSON  "Today I thought I'd let you know that I can clearly see, that you're right on track to becoming all that God wants you to be!"

The birthday blessings for Grandson and Granddaughter also reminds them to be grateful on their special day...

"And never take for granted all that God has given you, for every Birthday blessing may you pass on one or two."

These blessings are perfect for every age and carry a timeless message of the love and protection they can count on from you and a loving God.



The excitement of a new grandchild is something to celebrate and what better way to mark this miracle of birth than to give a Baby Granddaughter's or Baby Grandson's Blessing.  These tender poems reflect the love you have for them and the knowledge that God's love and protection is with them from the beginning of their journey.

"Close your eyes sweet baby and dream without a care. The Lord will keep you safe and warm in times when no one's there."

Don't miss an opportunity to buy A Blessing for My Granddaughter or Grandson for a birthday, special occasion or "just because."  It's the perfect keepsake gift baby, kids and adults.