Nurse's Gifts


If you've ever had the misfortune of needing medical care, either in the hospital, in your home or a long-term facility, you know how valuable a dedicated nurse is to your recovery!  A Nurse's Blessing  touches on all the wonderful and amazing roles a nurse often has to play - far beyond the skilled medical care he/she gives.  As quoted in my blessing, "May you learn to be a parent for the child left alone, or the long-lost son or daughter of the one so far from home." 

These are priceless traits, proven more valuable than you can ever imagine to the frail and sick, in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing...

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As I do with all of my blessings, I write from experience and pour my heart and soul into the subject, often reliving times when thoughts of gratitude and appreciation overwhelmed me.  A Nurse's Blessing,  in particular, is very close to my heart, as I learned first-hand how important it is to have a loving, kind, compassionate and skilled nurse to trust and count on.  Not just for the patient, but for the family member(s) who entrust their loved-ones to their care.  My little Bonnie Rose spent almost 2 years in two hospitals, averaging over 25 days a month in-patient. Without a strong, loving connection to her nurses, it would have been unbearable.  Bonnie trusted me to be there for her, and I trusted the nurses. At times they even had to carry me  for a while when I was too tired and week to be strong for Bonnie.

This only touches on the many roles a nurse plays in other settings.  Take the elderly or long-term care needed for the chronically ill... the patience and diligence needed to keep up the morale alone is enough to overwhelm the best of us, but our nurses just keep on giving, asking nothing in return.  What a wonderful way to give back. Give your favorite nurse a keepsake gift they deserve - A Nurse's Blessing, framed and personalized and watch their eyes fill with tears of joy. 


Maybe you know a dedicated nurse who deserves to be honored for their service.  Give A Nurse's Blessing  to show them how much they're needed, loved & appreciated! This inspirational poem makes the perfect "Thank You," Holiday or Birthday gift from patients, family and friends.

Plus, A Nurse's Retirement Blessing  is a lasting gift from friends and co-workers, celebrating years of passion, dedication and thanks for a job well done!

POCKET BLESSINGS - our 2" x 3" laminated A Nurse's Blessing  card is the perfect nurse's gift they can carry with them in their wallet, purse or with their lanyard.  It comes with a Tibetan silver charm in a choice of hearts or feminine or masculine crosses, featuring genuine crystal accents.  Each time they wear it on a necklace, bracelet or on their ID or lanyard, I can only imagine what a simple yet powerful reminder of how they changed your life for the better, just for having cared for you or your loved-one.

5x7 BLESSINGS - our 5" x 7" card isn't just a card, it's a "ready-to-frame" blessing keepsake, a beautiful nurse's poem that comes with a backing, a clear protective cover with a to/from label on it and a lavender envelope - ready to drop into any standard 5x7 frame.  Let your card BE the gift!   Put it in a gift bag with one of our lovely frames and you're good-to-go.

8x10 BLESSINGS - our 8" x 10" custom-matted nurse's blessing turns this prayer for nurses into a beautiful keepsake gift.  Whether you choose one of our classic 8x10 frames, or one of your own, this stunning gift can be personalized with a "printed" nameplate that affixes to the bottom of the mat.

As the words in A Nurse's Blessing  conclude...  "You've earned a place of honor among angels here on earth. You're a nightingale who's loved by all - one we're proud to call a NURSE!"