Graduation Blessing Gifts

We have 5x7” and 8x10” blessings, and wallet-sized pocket blessings.

A graduation marks an important stepping stone in someone’s life. It means that they have worked hard, learned a lot, and are now ready to use that acquired knowledge and skill to start their next big endeavor. All of the affordable graduation blessing gifts for sale at Purple Wishing Gate can be personalized and framed to commemorate a great milestone in the life of the graduate.

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More than a graduation gift, our blessings are keepsakes that enable your loved one to reflect on the amazing things they’ve already been able to do, and remind them of how much you’ll always care.

“ ...use the gifts God gave to you, to change the world out there”

Tell a Graduate You are Proud With “A Graduation Blessing”

There are only so many occasions in which a person can proudly stand before their loved ones and say: “I am graduating!” Whether it is an elementary school graduation, a college graduation or even a G.E.D. graduation celebration, nothing portrays your pride in their accomplishment better than a custom graduation blessing gift.

“A Graduation Blessing” is a beautiful portrayal of the sentiments every parent, guardian or family member feels for a loved one who is graduating. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the graduate in your life and let them know you are thinking of them with a framed “A Graduation Blessing” keepsake.

“You can turn a person’s world of dreams into possibilities!”

Give Thanks to a Teacher That Made Your Graduation Possible With “A Teacher’s Blessing”

We have many teachers in life, but there are a special few that touch our lives in unexpected and astounding ways, contributing to our success. If there is a teacher that went the extra mile to help you learn, who respected your ideas and opinions while instructing you, then you might like to thank them with a blessing from

When an individual is kind and patient enough to guide you through lessons, inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams, and offer you the help you need to actually reach your goals, they become much more than just a teacher: They become something akin to a mentor. After you graduate, and are able to reflect on all of the time and effort your teacher has invested in you, it is easy to see how valuable their presence in your life really was. Give the teacher you are most grateful for something a little more heartfelt than an apple this year: Say you are thankful with “A Teacher’s Blessing”.

Customizable Options

All of our graduation blessing gifts are for sale in several sizes and are available with a variety of my beautiful original-art backgrounds. We have 5x7” and 8x10” blessings, and wallet-sized pocket blessings. The 8x10” option comes with a custom mat onto which you can affix a personalized nameplate with your choice of text.

Pocket Blessings With Pendant Charm

The travel-sized 2x3” laminated pocket blessing we offer, comes with a Tibetan Silver charm of your choosing: Either a feminine heart or cross with a genuine crystal, or a masculine-style cross.

Receivers of this wallet-size gift can keep your blessing close to their heart. It can be stored in a wallet, purse or pocket, and you can even use it as a bookmark! The charm can be worn on a necklace or bracelet easily, and it can also be placed on your cell phone, ID lanyard or key chain as a constant source of encouragement and a reminder of God's love.