Wedding Blessing Gifts

Available in 5x7 & 8x10

Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is worth everything, and capturing that day through a personalized wedding blessing gift is the perfect way to remember it forever!

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When a loved one gets married, it’s almost impossible to describe how happy you are for them with a greeting card. As they open a slew of identical cards and gifts, they’ll be happy to receive your unique and beautiful blessing that they can look back on as a token of their special day for the rest of their lives.

Share “A Wedding Blessing” With Your Loved One

Purple Wishing Gate offers customizable blessings for sale. Our framed blessings are personalized and meaningful gifts to give friends, coworkers, or family members. These carefully crafted gifts express your love through poetic verses and serene background artworks.

A framed keepsake of Barbara D. MacAdam’s “A Wedding Blessing” is the kind of present that can be reflected upon through both the joyous and the difficult times in a marriage. The recipient of our wedding blessing gift can always look upon its wise words for inspiration and guidance. A blessing will bring your loved one hope and remind him or her of the beautiful love between them, their partner, and God.

The sentiment behind “A Wedding Blessing” is encapsulated in one of the blessing’s lines: “Brush the colors of your love, on life’s canvas, with great care, and God’s gift will be a tapestry of blessings you can share.”

With our wedding blessing gifts, you can share the light in your heart with someone special who is getting ready to embark on a lifelong journey with their partner. If you have been looking for a thoughtful wedding gift or anniversary blessing to show someone how much you wish them well, all of our blessings are available for sale online.

Show Your Bridal Party You Care With “On My Special Day!”

At Purple Wishing Gate, we also have a wedding blessing gift that is specially designed for brides to give to their bridal party. We understand that your special day isn’t just to celebrate the love you have for your husband-to-be, but to share the happiness you feel at joining your lives and your families. Weddings take a lot of planning to accommodate all of the guests attending; and many times, most of the burden of wedding tasks falls on the shoulders of you and your bridal party.

From the Maid of Honor to all of your lovely bridesmaids, everyone who has helped you during this exciting time deserves a heartfelt and unique gift in return. You can express your gratitude with a framed wedding blessing gift: “On My Special Day!” This blessing encompasses all of the little things a bride might be thankful for and shows your appreciation for God’s gift of having your bridal party members in your life, both before and after the wedding day.

Framed Wedding Blessing Gifts

Order your customized, framed wedding blessing gifts online today to commemorate the big day. Give your loved one a gift that symbolizes the love that you, their partner in life, and God have for them. The happy newlyweds will always have a beautiful framed gift to read and admire as they grow together.