Retirement Blessings

Available in 5x7, 8x10 & 2x3-inch Laminated 'Pocket Blessings with Charms!'

Do you know someone who is opening the next chapter in their life by choosing retirement? This significant milestone is cause for a celebration. Offering your co-worker or loved one a retirement blessing gift is not only one of the best ways to show that you care, it’s a way for them to know that you’ll always be thinking of them. At Purple Wishing Gate, we offer personalized framed retirement blessing gifts for sale online. If you’d like to buy a meaningful gift for that special person in your life who’s chosen to retire, then you have no need to look further than our wonderful selection.

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Our touching retirement blessings have become popular individual or group gifts, and they’re perfect for those who are leaving behind dear friends and co-workers as they move on in their life’s journey.

Retirement is often bittersweet, and these blessings celebrate past achievements while offering encouragement by looking forward to the rewards that retirement brings. Our selection of blessings are all available in 5x7” and 8x10” sizes perfect for framing, as well as 2x3” laminated pocket blessings. You can buy a framed retirement blessing gift for sale on our website today!

Words of Encouragement

Any type of change or transition in life has the potential to be difficult. Although the retiree is thankful for having the ability to retire and enjoy their life and whatever else life has to offer, they may still be wondering what lies ahead and may even be a little bit anxious. Restore their peace of mind with the words of encouragement used in our retirement blessing gifts.

You’ll not only touch their mind and heart when they take their first look at the blessing, but you’ll also be providing them with a keepsake they can hold for the rest of their life, reminding them of the time when you showed them how much they mean to you.

A Wonderful Gift For Any Retiree

Whether the retiree is a nurse, teacher, doctor, office worker or in any other field, our retirement blessings will without a doubt make a wonderful gift. A meaningful gift is one that the receiver can cherish for many years, if not the remainder of their life. These types of gifts will also uplift the heart and spirit of the recipient.

The poems and well-wishes on our retirement blessing gifts are meant to comfort the person, as well as to let them know how they should treasure and look forward to the journey ahead of them. Whether they go through a rough patch in the future or just want to look back on fond and comforting memories with a smile on their face, our blessings are the perfect match for their retirement celebration.

Affordable and Inspirational Gifts

We’ve been there before. You want to give the retiree more than just a card. But what? Here at Purple Wishing Gate, we make shopping for them easier than ever before! All you need to do is select a blessing, pick a size and choose the background and personalization. We’ll do the rest.

Learn more about our blessings, including our teacher blessings and nurse blessings, by giving us a call or browsing our selection.