Baby Blessing Keepsake

Available in 5x7 & 8x10

Celebrate the miracle of birth with a baby blessing keepsake from Purple Wishing Gate. This framed gift is a beautiful way to show a loved one and their newborn how much you care for them while providing them with a token of remembrance for the rest of their lives. We invite you to take a look around to find the unique Christian gift for kids that they will keep and appreciate for years to come.

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We offer baby blessing gifts for many occasions and new little family members. These Christian gifts for children from grandparents are specific to who the blessing is for. They each feature a poem that was written by our founder, Barbara D. MacAdam. Each poem is designed to show your new son, granddaughter, or grandchild how much you and God already love them. Baby blessing keepsakes that we sell include:

  • Baptism Blessing
  • A Baby Boy’s Blessing
  • A Baby Girl’s Blessing
  • A Baby’s Blessing
  • A Blessing for My Daughter (baby)
  • A Blessing for My Goddaughter (baby)
  • A Blessing for My Son (baby)
  • A Blessing for My Godson (baby)
  • A Blessing for My Nephew
  • A Blessing for My Niece
  • A Granddaughter’s Blessing
  • A Grandson’s Blessing

...and more! Browse our website to find the perfect blessing for the little miracle in your life.

Give Them a Gift That’s Meaningful

Whether you’re searching for unique Christian gifts for kids from grandparents, godparents, parents, or aunts and uncles, give the newborn baby in your life a meaningful gift that counts. The gift of life is truly a miracle, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a blessing from the Lord. Babies will eventually grow out of new clothes, new shoes, and new toys, but they’ll never grow out of a blessing.

These religious gifts for kids will be a constant reminder that they always have love and support from their family and from God. Whether they hang their blessing on their wall in a frame, keep it in an envelope, or use a Pocket Blessing as a bookmark, they will be able to draw inspiration from this gift for the rest of their lives. The meaning of the poem will grow with them as they become a child, a teenager, and a young adult.

The Perfect Baptism Gift

So, you’re attending a baptism. What a wonderful celebration! You may be thinking that you want to provide the celebrant with a gift like no other. But just what can you give them? Well, you don’t have to look any further than our website here at Purple Wishing Gate. We offer baby blessing keepsakes that would be the perfect baptism gift. All you need to do is pick a blessing, choose a size, select a background, and personalize! We turn that long and difficult search for the perfect baptism gift into a simple and affordable find.

How Do These Gifts Express Meaning?

When you buy someone and their newborn child a blessing, you’re buying them more than just a gift. Our baby blessing keepsakes are symbols of something greater because they express what ordinary gifts can’t, like the immeasurable love new parents feel for their child and the excitement of bringing the miracle of life into the world. Your search for a meaningful religious gift for kids is over. We carry many options that will show your new family member how much they mean to you. Our unique Christian gifts for kids will give the little one in your world a meaningful guide for the rest of their life.