Moving Tips: 3 Ways to Help Friends & Family Members Move Into a New Home

by Barbara MacAdam August 01, 2018

Moving is always a big milestone in someone’s life. They could be getting a place closer to their new job, moving to find a new school district for the kids, or packing up and going across the country to start fresh. No matter the reason, homeowners always have a lot on their plates. But with the help of their family and friends, the transition can go a lot smoother.

With all the aspects that go into moving, it can be hard for a someone to balance it all on their own; and that’s where you come in. Help them with the research, some heavy lifting, and the support they need to move into their new home confidently.

How You Can Help

But how can you assist a loved one who is moving away? By following these three tips, you can help them stay cool, calm, and collected during or after their move.

  • Find Reliable Resources
  • Finding the right real estate agents and movers can be difficult when there are so many options out there. Besides, the person who’s moving probably has enough to organize. Make it simpler for them by researching and narrowing down options for them. That way, they have a concise and trustworthy list to choose from.

  • Research the Area
  • Nobody wants to move to an area without knowing what’s around. Before moving, it’s important to look into school districts and schools, places to shop, local attractions, restaurants, and more. The more prepared and comfortable the person moving feels in their new neighborhood, the better the transition will be.

  • Add a Little Love to the Home
  • Congratulate them on their move with a housewarming gift they’ll always remember. While food dishes or flowers are great gifts for this occasion, they don’t last. Instead, get them something that they can look at, hang up, and receive motivation from.

    Warm their heart by buying them an affordable personal keepsake from Purple Wishing Gate. A housewarming blessing is sure to give your friend loved one the encouragement they need during their journey. They can always look back and read the poem, frame it on their wall, or keep it in a drawer as a memento of your support.

    If someone in your life is taking a big step, find a religious gift idea for him or her by taking a look at our selection. To learn more, call us at 609-605-5880.

    Barbara MacAdam
    Barbara MacAdam


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