What Is the Best End of Year Gift for Teachers?

by Barbara D. MacAdam May 22, 2019 2 min read

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Teachers often don’t get the credit they deserve. Most of them choose this selfless profession because they have a deep passion to make the world a better place by leaving a positive mark on the hearts and minds of our children, while preparing them for successful futures.

Think back… did you have a “favorite” teacher, who made you feel special?  Teachers mold, uplift and encourage us from toddlers to adults, and eventually come full circle as they sometimes get to care for our children and grandchildren before retiring from this noble calling.

Teachers deserve to be thanked every day for their service, but especially as another school year draws to a close. This time can be bittersweet for our teachers, as they struggle to reconcile their exhaustion with the sadness of having to say goodbye to their students, hoping that they’ve made a positive difference in their lives.

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift that says how much you love and appreciate your child’s teacher. In searching for what teachers’ value most in the way of unique teacher gifts, one of the highest-ranking items I found was a note or letter of thanks from the heart.

A Teacher’s Blessing

Writing such a letter isn’t always easy, and we often find it difficult to say what our hearts feel, so we end up giving a generic thank you gift… of which they’ll probably receive dozens. However, if you’re looking for great teacher retirement gift ideas, give them something extra special from your child, something you found difficult to put into words.

A Teacher’s Blessing” or “A Teacher’s Retirement Blessing” could be the perfect present.  They are tender poems on beautiful original background art, written from the heart by Purple Wishing Gate’s founder, Barbara D. MacAdam. Our blessings not only tell our teachers that we love and appreciate them for all they do, they encourage them to realize how deeply they’ve touched so many lives for the better.

These end-of-the-year gifts come in 3 sizes and can be framed and personalized with a printed nameplate. Or perhaps they’d love our 2” x 3” laminated Pocket Blessing that comes with a Tibetan silver charm and genuine crystal.

We wish all our teachers the best in life and encourage them to stay strong during the many daily challenges they face. We hope our words of love and appreciation will stay with them for years to come. To purchase their end of the school year teacher’s gift, visit our Teacher Collection today at https://www.purplewishinggate.com/

Barbara D. MacAdam
Barbara D. MacAdam

Author/Artist and founder of Purple Wishing Gate

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